Promote Your Business with Custom Vehicle Wraps

At VTI Van Rentals, we’re in the business of providing quality van and SUV rentals to NYC. We also have a service that is beneficial for those looking to promote their business in a unique way. With our custom vehicle wraps, we can showcase your business’s logo or design on a commercial van or SUV. See how our vehicle wrap service can help you reach a new audience when you’re driving around NYC.

Custom Vehicle Wraps in New York City

The Message Never Sleeps

When your car has a wrap on it, the message is always working for you. Whether you’re out on a delivery or simply parked for a lunch break, the presence of your business is there. Billboards are static with repeated viewings, so vehicle wraps are essentially a mobile billboard with more viewing potential in the long run.

The Image is Stuck – Literally

With an image is stuck on your car, drivers and onlookers will have no way to ignore the message. Between streaming services that have eliminated local TV advertisements and ad blockers that have removed content from videos, people use creative measures to limit the amount of ad exposure in their daily lives. However, on the road, they have to stay alert and keep their eyes open, so they’re more likely to be exposed to your message.

Make an Impression

The cost per impression on a vehicle wrap is quite affordable when analyzing the statistics over a six-year period. Think about how many impressions you can get from people in NYC. The average range is anywhere between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions, so the busiest city in the US would likely be on the higher side. It only boils down to roughly four cents per one thousand impressions, also known as CPM. With TV commercials as high as $44 CPM and radio ads at $20 CPM, vehicle wraps show a better value for business owners.

Good impressions count when it comes to everything, including your business. Get a well-designed vehicle wrap from the pros at VTI Van Rentals. Contact us at (718) 313-0757 to learn about how we can help your business out.

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