4 Game-Changing Add-Ons for Your Next Brooklyn Car Rental 

Depending on the size of your group, a trip to Brooklyn can be quite an adventure. Whether you need a car rental for business in the city or a van rental to travel in the tri-state area, there’s a lot to consider. At VTI Van Rentals, we make the process simple. When you’re reserving your rental, you want a ride that will be as convenient as possible, and we can offer that with our special add-ons for your trip. Here are our top four car rental add-ons that can significantly improve your trip and make it easier for your whole travel group.

VTI Van Rentals Brooklyn Car Rental Add-Ons

1. High-Speed Wi-Fi Access

Staying connected has never been more essential, especially while traveling. Whether you need to keep in touch with loved ones, maintain your online presence, or handle urgent work emails, a reliable internet connection on the move is important. That’s where our Wi-Fi rental add-on steps in.

We offer seamless, high-speed 5G connectivity across the United States. It’s not just for a single device. Your whole travel group can simultaneously connect up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Stream music, share your journey on social media, or even have a remote Netflix party, all for a nominal $20 per day plus tax.

2. Swift Travel with E-ZPass

Negotiating toll roads is one of the little-known hassles of driving in a new city. Every minute counts when you’re exploring or running around for business meetings. Why spend that precious time waiting in toll queue lanes? Upgrade your trip experience with our E-ZPass add-on. You can include $4.99 per day plus the cost of tolls in your rental package and smoothly sail through dedicated E-ZPass lanes, saving time and energy.

3. Uninterrupted Entertainment through Streaming Services

Tired kids on a long road trip? We’ve got a solution for that, too. With our streaming service add-on, you can keep all your passengers entertained throughout the journey. This add-on lets you stream from a variety of platforms. We offer Netflix, Hulu, Max, Disney+, and other favorites. Now, no matter your commute, every journey can be fun-filled, with your chosen entertainment only a click away.

4. Ensure Safety with a Child Car Seat Rental

Traveling with children can be challenging, but VTI Van Rentals’ child car seat add-on simplifies it. Our range of high-quality, clean, and safe car seats comply with the latest safety regulations, giving you peace of mind as you navigate the city. We also keep up to date with the newest car seat technology and safety features so you can be confident your child is in a secure seat suited to their height, weight, and age.

Also, we recognize the importance of installing the seat correctly and offer assistance to ensure it’s done right. For $13.99 a day, it’s a small price for a safe and compliant journey for your little ones.

VTI Van Rentals is all about providing a comfortable and convenient journey. Adding a car rental add-on to your next car, van, SUV, or Tesla rental can take your trip to the next level. If you’re planning a vacation to Brooklyn and need a car rental, contact VTI Van Rentals at (718) 313-0757 or request a rental quote online today!

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