3 Reasons to Rent a Sprinter Van

Sprinter Van RentalYou’ve been browsing your rental options through VTI Van Rentals, and with so many types of vans, you’ve found picking the right one harder than you thought. Don’t give up. If you’ve been eyeing a sprinter van rental, here are three reasons why it might be the right choice for you.

1. Space is a must-have.

A sprinter van can easily fit anywhere from 12 to 15 passengers, depending on the model. Even if you don’t have enough people to fill the seats, you can use the extra space to spread out or to use for storage. Sprinter vans are built for group travel that’s convenient and comfortable.

2. The “extras” are appealing.

While the minivan rental gets great fuel economy and the passenger vans fit the same number of people, you cannot outdo a sprinter van when it comes to the amenities. At VTI Van Rentals, our sprinter vans come equipped with luxury features like:

  • Bluetooth connect
  • Sirius satellite radio
  • Flat-screen TV with DVD player
  • Surround sound
  • Garmin GPS
  • CD player
  • And more

All these extras make traveling much more fun and entertaining. The journey will be part of the excitement.

3. Luxury is the name of the game.

Many people look at sprinter van rentals because they offer top-tier luxury. From tinted window to their sleek body style, you feel you can get your group where they need to go in New York City in style. We recommend our sprinter vans for transporting corporate clients, business trips, holiday parties, and more.

Want to find out more about our sprinter vans or additional extras like child car seats, Wi-Fi, and more? All you have to do is contact our staff at (718) 313-0757. If you’re ready to make a reservation, we can help you over the phone, or you can book online anytime.

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