Rent a Van for a Day at the Beach

The Boardwalk of Coney Island is a famous Brooklyn attraction, complete with amusement park rides, great food, and a long relaxing walkway right next to the beach. Renting a van to enjoy a beach day with the family can turn a boring weekend into an extraordinary experience. However, the perfect beach day takes preparation, and you may be unsure what to pack, what to do, or more importantly what not to pack. VTI Van Rentals knows what it takes to enjoy one of New York’s greatest attractions and offers quality van and SUV rentals that will begin your salty adventure. Call (718) 313-0757 now for more ways on how our deals can accommodate your needs. 

There is no doubt that Coney Island attracts millions of people each year, as studies show that 3.5 million people visit our Brooklyn beach each year through the New York City subway system. That number only increases when you include people who travel to the beach with the proper equipment. However, when traveling with a large family or group, you may want to think about not overloading your van. Beaches are known to house many lost items such as designer watches, expensive sunglasses, and cell phones.

Coney Island Boardwalk

What Not to Pack

Many people make long lists to prepare for their beach days, but just as it is important to know what to bring, it is equally as important to know what not to bring. Below is a short list of things you should avoid bringing when going to the beach.

  1. Valuables. It is easy to lose things in the sand. Avoid bringing expensive jewelry such as wedding bands and bracelets as they can be impossible to find in the sand or water. 
  2. Shoes. When traveling in the sand, you have to wear proper footwear. Boots and shoes are not only uncomfortable, but they can get destroyed by the moisture and gritty intrusion of sand particles. 
  3. Uncovered food. If you have uncovered food, you could be attracting invasive wildlife. Bees, flies, seagulls, and pigeons are all prone to the sight of uncovered fruit, open bags of potato chips, and cooked meats. To completely enjoy your trip, be sure to bring containers to properly seal and hide your food when you’re away. 

VTI Van Rentals is the perfect Brooklyn-based company to ensure you will have room for all of your beach day needs by providing 12-passenger vans and even 15-passenger vans that accommodate all your needs. Call VTI Van Rentals at (718) 313-0757, or contact us online today! 


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