Should You Rent a Production Van for Your Next New York City Shoot?

Our tantalizing Broadway lights and romantic charm has made New York City an infamous entertainment capital. When filming, we know that there are many pieces of the puzzle that can be missing. Renting a production van can save you money and give you peace of mind. VTI Van Rentals has the perfect van you can rely on for those important shoots. Call (718) 313-0757 to reserve your vehicle today! 

Production Van

With strict deadlines, heavy traffic, and limited hours of daylight, it’s no stereotype that New Yorkers value their time. Many producers and directors choose to rent a production van for the following reasons: 

Time Efficiency 

In a study conducted by Drivemode, New York City was reported as having the worst traffic in a survey of 20 large cities. Though our subway system is sophisticated, there may still be delays. To ensure that your entire crew arrives on set on time without getting lost, a production van is the way to go. The time spent in travel can also be used to rehearse, brief, or strategize with your team. 


Most New Yorkers know that hauling delicate valuables through a crowded subway is a bad idea. Ubers and taxis are expensive alternatives that may not have the room to safely transport fragile equipment. Our passenger van can support a crew of 15 members while our cargo van makes storing equipment easy. 

Whether it’s fashion, music, or stage, New York City has a reputation to uphold. Minimize your worries by renting a production van from a company that ensures quality customer service. VTI Van Rentals offers airport delivery, Wi-Fi connectivity, and even E-ZPass Rentals so you can avoid those time-consuming toll stops. You have enough to worry about. Contact us today at (718) 313-0757, and focus on your next masterpiece. 


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