Airport Van Rental You Can Rely On

Traveling to JFK Airport or La Guardia can be enough hassle in and of itself. Why make matters worse by hiring a high-priced or unreliable airport van rental? Skip the larger car rental companies, and instead choose a local van rental option: VTI Van Rentals.

JFK airport

At VTI Van Rentals, we prioritize customer service. We want to make your airport van rental experience easy and smooth as you begin to navigate and explore New York City, which is why our airport van rentals include:

  • Curbside service: Book your van rental in advance, and ask us to meet you at the gate. We’ll meet you curbside with the paperwork in hand, so you can hop into your airport van rental and be on your way.
  • Service at three major airports: Many car rental companies—especially local ones—either don’t offer airport van rentals or they cater only to one airport. At VTI Van Rentals, we provide airport van rental service to all major NYC airports, including JFK, La Guardia, and Newark.
  • Comfort: All of our van rentals—from minivan rentals to Sprinter van rentals—offer luxury and comforts you may not see from airport van rentals with other companies. Our van rentals make traveling that much more comfortable and easy.

Just check out what satisfied customers have said about our van rentals, and take some time to browse our selection of minivan rentals, cargo van rentals, passenger van rentals, and more. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our van rentals’ luxury and affordability.

To make an airport van rental reservation, contact VTI Van Rentals today at (718) 313-0757, or fill out our online reservation request form. We’ll help you arrange your van rental service and make your trip to New York City smoother and more enjoyable.

photo credit: NYC – JFK Airport: TWA Flight Center via photopin (license)

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