5 Tips for Planning Your Next Vacation

Vacation Planning NYCYou’re ready to get away. Maybe you plan on heading out during your kids’ spring break, or you’re finally getting around to using that vacation time. No matter the type of vacation you want to plan, these tips from our crew at VTI Van Rentals can help make planning a bit easier.

1. Create a vacation budget.

It’s easy to overspend while you’re on vacation. Unless you have endless funds, your best bet for not using up all your savings is to make a budget. Determine just how much you want to (and can afford to) spend. Then, you can decide how to best divide that money between van rental, accommodations, flights, food, and so on.

2. Avoid heavy travel seasons.

Sometimes, you can’t help but go on vacation when you have time off. However, when that time off comes when everyone else is traveling, you may have to fight bigger crowds and higher prices. If you can plan a vacation during the off season, then you may have more options and better rates on hotels, SUV rentals, flights, and more.

3. Consider a wide range of destinations.

When you think of vacation, your mind may automatically say “Beach!” While we don’t blame you, we do encourage you to consider some destination alternatives, especially if you want to avoid crowds, stay closer to home, or keep costs low. If you’re looking for destinations within driving distance of NYC, then consider Jersey Shore, Niagara Falls, the Poconos, Washington, D.C., or even just a cozy cabin in the woods.

4. Search for deals.

Don’t settle for regular rates unless you’ve looked for coupons or special offers. A quick search online often reveals deeper discounts on travel, restaurants, and more.

5. Make reservations in advance.

When it comes to the big vacation decisions (accommodations, flights, car rentals, etc.), don’t wait until the last minute. It can be quite stressful (and costly) to wait until the last minute. By making these plans early, you have more options and you won’t feel pressured to choose from “what’s left.”

If you’re ready to book your van rental, contact VTI today at (718) 313-0757. We’d be glad to tell you more about our policies and our fleet, including everything from your family minivan to the luxurious and spacious sprinter vans. VTI Van Rentals is conveniently located in Brooklyn and serves all three major NYC airports.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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